4 Actionable Steps to Deal With Constant Criticism

Are you new to a profession and getting lots of criticism? Are you devotedly pursuing your goals and people just can’t stop to comment on you? Or are you some ordinary guy, out of sheer will and determination, struggling and working hard to make a mark in this world, yet receiving loads of criticism that is constantly degrading you?


In all the phases of our life, we are delighted by appreciation and success but on the other hand there are always a lot of critics in our society and we often end up ruining our soon to be glorious careers.

However, all criticism may not necessarily be bad or hurtful for us. It may be for our benefit or for the regulation of the path of success. So the differentiation of whether the criticism is just and helpful or whether it is unjust or rude is one of the most important steps to handling it.

Remember: An unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment.

You can face criticism in all the phases of your life and at all the ages. Its is the pleasure that one gets by judging the others is that keeps the habit of criticism on and going so you will have to keep an eye on this statistic too since all the criticism is not legitimate.

Many segments of the society that revolve around us play a part in criticizing us. And if you are also being criticized by one of the groups mentioned below, you are absolutely in the right place.

Types of Critics

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Competitors
  • Employees




And many other people would oppose us and criticize us. However, Criticism is not always a destructive opposition but sometimes an advice from which we can construct wonders and increase the integrity of our character.

Here are 4 highly actionable and easy steps you can use now to deal with all sorts of criticism and stand out in a zone that never ever gets tired of criticism.


Tip#1  Categorize it into Useful or Useless


Now much of us don’t agree that criticism, that lowers our morale and is a mere hindrance in pursuing our goals can be highly beneficial and useful.

One of our greatest responsibilities in this regard can be the correct judgement and analogy of whether the criticism is futile and rude or whether it comes not out of hate form another persons mouth. Or it can be due to the sympathetic feeling of correcting us so that we may not make any such mistakes again.

Many would recommend to ignore the destructive criticism and move on  but believe me, in today’s contemporary world, it results in an ever greater, disruptive criticism. Thus simply the fake pretending of ignoring would not only bring you loads of more criticism but also crumble the integrity of your character.

Therefore, it is better not to ignore rather react with Calmness and respect for they are an integral part of a successful mans character.

I have personally gotten over with a lot of criticism in this way and believe me, it materializes the well known proverb ” Kill em with kindness”because when the critics see their hard and fast efforts to crush your morale go down the drain, they end up flushing their own morale.


Tip#2  Understand that perfection is in Embracing Imperfections



“Nobody is perfect” Unanimously agreed, yet none understands its true meaning nor does one put it into his/her life. Nobody wants to see his flaws nor does he want others to point them out. And whats weird is that the same person, if was asked to proudly proclaim that none is perfect, would not show even a bit of reluctance.

So the role that we have to play in this is that embrace the well known fact that nobody is perfect. We have to keep up our chins not because we just embrace the fact, but because we rejoice confidently on the things we have and not cry over the things we lack.

Thus, if this simple yet powerful truth is embedded in our mind, the everyday criticism we face on daily basis just because we are not a sports guy, or hate reading novels or maybe even lack an interest in video games, would be easily nullified. So easy it is. Your life, your interests, your rules.


Tip#3 Never Stop for It


If you are on your way to accomplish your goals, many would, out of malice and jealousy, point you out and criticize you by being personal and maybe targeting your close relatives, even family.

If you take it personal and ultimately stop for it, its going to cost you lots and lots of time because there are many such people and can be an absolute deviation and hindrance in your smooth success bringing path.


So the best way to deal with that sort of personal criticism is to that take that into notice so you may avoid pessimistic people and also keep moving on rather than stopping for it because it can cost you a fortune of time and energy.


Tip#4 Develop a personal strategical plan against criticism

Now since criticism is inevitable in every mans life, always remember that you have to stress upon it, you have to spend some time and you have to think about certain ways and tactics to deal with it because if you don’t, they end up consuming a lot of precious time later.

Things work out differently for all types of people. And believe me, you don’t know your type. So the best way is to have a statistical analysis of what works out best for you and develop a purely personal plan to deal with it.


Factors for Analysis

  • Useful or Futile criticism
  • Number of critics
  • When do they bombard on you?
  • Is it hate that causes them to?

Just keeping these factors into account would surely pull the strings and you will surely find your own way and develop your own tactic to repel and avoid the critics that shower destructive criticism, solely out of hate.



What can we do after all? These people keep coming in life. And… of course are a part of every success story. One thing to remember is that our reaction to it is the 90% of what we can do. The other 10% is merely inevitable. 

So squeeze the most out of that 90% so you might remove the barriers criticism places in your way and optimize your life with positive vibes and hope.

Congratulations, You are now a stronger person than you were 10 minutes ago.




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