The Fat Guy Just Won The Race – Mentality Matters

Practice Day 1:
"Yeeeahh, I secured 1st position in the race and nobody was near me." He says proudly and fearless with sparkling confidence that he'll be able to produce the same result 2 days later, in the finale. Meanwhile the other competitors were drenched in hopelessness. Except for one fat guy. He came in last but still wanted to come first. The guy who came in first walks over to him and roasts him.

Practice Day 2:
" Whoosh, 3 god damn kilometres and I am just out of fuel yet I have ( crosses the finish line) again (exhales) come first." After two whole minutes, other competitors start to reach. The fat guy is still last but certainly not last in hope. Rich hope, but just not enough motivation and energy to bring it into action. The guy who came in first walks over to him and copies his looks to make him feel bad.

Practice Day 3:
" Yeahay, the last day and still the best I am. I really believe I am going to nail this race tomorrow." Says the favourite. " I may break the record as well." He says to himself secretly. Afraid to fail. Afraid that someone might mock him if they get to know his ambitions. A fear of failure blinds him. And he goes to bed with a spark of nervousness. The fat guy did not practice today.

The Grand Finale:
" Boom". No that is not the celebration of the favourite. That is the gun. The race has started. The fat guy runs as usual and is the last till the first kilometre. " No, No, No." he mutters to himself. And lights a fire in his heart. The motivation of success dominates the fear of failure and he glides past them all. One by one. Everybody's jaws freeze in astonishment and he doesn't see who is in the way. He runs and runs and runs till he sees nothing but the finish line.

"That is a record."says the commentator and he lays on the ground to breath. A daunting challenge shunned. And the only weapon he had was thought which provoked him to change the world and make people believe in themselves.

And as soon as the favourite came in second. He walked over to him. But, as soon as he was about to start what we started, he thought, the real revenge was to be unlike the one who caused the pain. And that gesture of silence was enough to teach him a lesson. A powerful one.

Often in our lives we find tasks that require things more than practice, skill and training. We require hope, courage and mentality. The way our thoughts revolutionizes our actions are unparalleled by other tools that produce minor effects.

Many thoughts are driven by greed of revenge or seldom ecstasy as well. And they sure make us win. That is how strong mentality is. And there are a lot of winners as well. But the few that forgive the ones who cause pain are the ones tagged Legends.



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