Suicide – How internal demons tear us apart

An outside smile doesn’t mean our soul is at peace. It is as easy as it is for women to put makeup on their faces. Even when we are drenched in anxiety and depression, due to one reason or another, it is not too difficult to appear joyous and satisfied. A smile is often a mask and seldom the truth.

Anybody can relate to this. When we have to meet the undesirable guests and put the smile mask on. Or when we are feeling awkward in a gathering and somebody strikes an unlikely conversation. But being tore up by our internal demons is much more than this.

They are by default entrapped somewhere deep inside us and it is we who choose to unleash them. We face some of the most disastrous and depressing moments in our life that make us give up and maybe kill ourselves. However, it is we who could bury those moments and continue or torment ourselves till our last breath.

Once they are unleashed and freed, through overwhelming depression, we have barely the strength to bring them back at bay. Alcoholism and drugs give us exodus from all the nerve wrecking burden through taking us out of senses. According to studies, 70% adolescent suicides are associated with alcohol usage and drug dependence.

So I would like to do just make you aware of the disastrous consequences of this ugly act which is tagged blasphemous and sinful in many religions.

Dedicating this post to Chester Bennington who lost his life through suicide. He was my childhood idol and Linkin Park has inspired me and many others. I hope and pray that he rests in peace for eternity. He was the reason I got into music.
His track In the End was a breakthrough of standards in the music industry.

And such a tragedy is just a moment of absolute sorrow and thought for all of us.
We are told to learn from our mistakes however sometimes others also provide a platform for us to learn. So I intend to do nothing but broaden the vision of those who have been suffering from depression lately. It is absolutely temporary and we have to learn to deal with them and let go.

This is where the true power of this volatile life lies. Possessing the ability to believe that things come and go and we will pass through this life happy and peaceful.

RIP Chester, you will always remain in our hearts ♥️

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