Millions of flaws.. yet Flawless

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It's so difficult. Whenever I think about an idea. An inspirational idea to share on this blog. One with meaning. An idea that provokes thought. I see quite a lot of them. Though running, being afraid of being put into a perspective they could not contradict with. So I decided to not go after ideas, rather let ideas approach me. They wouldn't come to me straight away, I knew. I had to do something, I had to travel. Not in my head, in my practical life.

Yesterday, I was passing through a beautiful valley with blooming flowers, lush life and a river that cut through the silence with a relaxing sound. I thought, are these the types of places we get ideas from?. And I started observing everything around me precisely. Pretty disappointed I was because  far away it looked so perfect, yet so rough and imperfect it was in reality. I started thinking of nature as deception. But then a spark came to me, also from nature I suppose. Had it looked perfect if it had not been so rough when viewed closely? And then suddenly a I felt a crack. Something complex building inside me. An idea. I was listening to John Legends All Of Me and a miraculous coincidence was that the lyric Perfect Imperfection played by and summed up my feeling for me.(Ridiculous, isn't it?)

I was so optimised by the method I chose that I had found quite a thought provoking idea to write about. An idea worth sharing. And just not an idea, but the enormous fluctuation exhibited in our attitudes towards life because of it.

I thought what perfection meant in humans. Being the best? There is no best, it's just different as I have elaborated in my article I am I And plants? Every plant is unique as well. Wandering amidst forests of thought, I came up with comparison with many different things and came to a sole conclusion in all. Everything was different from another, yet perfect in its own way. So much imperfections each possessed, yet flawless  it was tagged.

Clouds of different sizes, winds of different speeds, sunshine of different intensities and different trees bearing different fruits. Everything, having so different features. Being so imperfect, or different as my brain forces me to say, all this, when imagined in a real life scene makes our mouth produce only one word, "Perfect".

How better life would have been if each one of us would have understood this beautiful reality?. Ignored the imperfections and saw the perfection we achieved from its presence. Appreciated uniqueness. We tend to shun imperfections because we believe that perfect is without imperfection. Disheart those with physical or mental flaws because they are not as perfect as we are. Make people doubt themselves because they are not like us or even eat away our self-confidence because we are not like that cool guy in high school. The cool guy who is perfect in his own sense. And we are perfect in our own.

Make the measure of perfection with
respect to originality. Because originality has imperfections. And those imperfections make one perfect. Be who you are, Be the best you, you can be and only then will you be tagged perfect, not only in your sight but others. And that's what legends are.

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