Community Service – And ideas for your own


Smile, Joy, Cheer and happiness are just a bunch of words that altogether create an image of positivity in our minds. A positivity that gets a spark in our mind but just not sufficient to bring us to action to spread such optimism and cherish beautiful moments with the needy.


Perhaps a third of the people of our society are highly neglected, both by us and the federal government. Well what I thought was that let’s protest. I made quite a crowd by my advertisement and it was about time that I was going to start the rally that I thought ….will it work? A rush of anxiety ran in my veins and I felt as if adrenaline was bolting in my body. Will it not create even more problems when the local police would try to confront us? I asked myself. Perhaps there were other, more peaceful, palatable and more efficient way to work towards this noble cause? I kept asking myself. And blink, I said to Ousman, my friend sitting next to me preparing the rally posters, what if… what if what if and I started repeating this making it a melodious tune pretending that I was clueless and was joking but that was the childish irony one gets from a brilliant and perhaps a problem solving idea. I stopped. Breathed. And yes, I said what if we all, this rally group, stayed united and started visiting orphanages and places reserved for elder and deserted citizens who once worked actively for our country. Or simply Community service.


Quite for a moment.. I saw a gloom on his face, and murk due to the fear of utter embarrassment of how he would simply take the idea from the earth to the stars, a whole different place and maybe disappoint everybody by conveying the message, But as I saw his lips part, ready to speak, I saw a confidence, optimism and dedication in his sparkling eyes which were emitting trust and Ah…. whatnot. Quite a moment it was and perhaps a turning point in how me and my squad viewed the world. We knew it had a guarantee of outcome in terms of inspiration to others, help to the needy and the broadening of the vision of the orphan and helpless kids who were to sit on the worthy designations in time to come. I also knew, that the future was waiting for its soon to come local dwellers, and it had expectations as well.


We contacted the main community service centers present in our city and found a couple of em like SOS villages, Akhuwat Foundation and several others which could provide a platform, a pathway, a center to accomplish our noble task. We split our people to working in each of these and soon I observed something quite palpable in all of my friends, They had somewhere deep inside their selves found a spirit and a courage that was ready to help humanity and we had made this a daily practice, especially in the vacations we had. Soon we got busy in our daily tasks but that spirit still lived, and perhaps a reason  why we still made frequent visits, probably to satiate the need of that spirit.


And this is the story of how community service changed the life for me. But it does not end here. Soon everybody reading this would get busy in their routine tasks. But the least we can do is help ourselves to help them. So that this effective habit becomes viral and the inevitability to catch it becomes minimized. Here are a few simple steps to start,


Start at your own house. Help to accomplish the daily household chores. The least you can do is make your own bed, clean your own room and organize your room to make it look clean and tidy. Soon the unclean rooms in your house will itch you and this one step will make you influence others through the fabulous habit of helping to clean your other family members rooms and ultimately the whole house becomes well and good.


You can start through your street: With the spirit of serving your society, get outside your house. You can eliminate all laziness through this method and you can also become a model of inspiration for others. Start picking up wrappers and other things that make your street look dirty and unclean. You will also get a chance to interact with your neighbors and it will help tie better relations.


By this you can start to broadening the area of your community that you will influence both by yourselves and perhaps even more by the constantly multiplying people who were inspired from you, and those who were inspired by those who were inspired by you. And soon after this seems to be a routine task, you can take it to the next level by following this simple guide.


Community service with organizations: You can visit the nearest community service centers by searching them on google and contacting them to join them. They are usually open and by this way, you can pay frequent visits to that particular system. They even give you a certificate in most cases for internships.


By these simple and easy ways, you will be able to serve a greater purpose than yourself and that is the place where true power lies. So my perspective is that we should nourish and heal some wounds that are continuously eroding our society to make our society, community, city, country and this WORLD even, a more peaceful, better and problem-free place to spend our volatile lives. GO and make your story.IMG_0047 Me at an orphanage


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